2020 Topps Series 1 Baseball Fat Pack

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The 2020 season will officially begin with the launch of Topps Baseball Series 1! Featuring all-new inserts, autographs and relics with additional parallels throughout this iconic release.

  • 34 Cards per Pack
  • Two (2) Turkey Red 2020 Insert Cards per pack



350 Base Cards –  featuring Veterans, Future Stars, Rookies, Stadium and Team Cards, League Leaders, and World Series Highlights. 

2020 Series 1 contains a lot of insert and parallel version cards including AUTOGRAPHED cards, RELIC cards, Rainbow Foils, Gold Parallel, Vintage Stock Parallel, Independence Day Parallel, Mother’s Day Pink Parallel, Father’s Day Blue Parallel, Platinum Parallel, Printing Plates, Advanced Stats,  Decade's Best, Topps Choice, Decade of Dominance, 1985 Topps Baseball, Turkey Red 2020 including Chrome Superfractor versions and MUCH more!!

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