Catan: Traders and Barbarians Expansion

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*** Not a standalone game.  Requires a base copy of Catan to play. ***

This expansion adds fresh new variants and scenarios to reinvent your Catan Experience.

  • A two player variant for the base game
  • The Harbormaster- you are stuck on the outside of the island
  • The Fishermen of Catan - fish in the great lake or casting in rich coastal shoals
  • The Rivers of Catan - two great rivers invite flourishing commerce
  • The Caravans - Nomads of the oasis seek wool and grain
  • Barbarians Attack - Eager for booty, barbarians land and occupy Catan's fertile shores


24 wooden knights
12 wooden bridges
22 wooden camels
4 wooden wagons
36 wooden barbarians
40 coin counters
14 new terrain and water tiles
120 new cards
Special victory point cards and tokens
Variants & scenarios

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