Federation Commander: Tholian Attack

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Three things about the Tholians:
1. They don't take any snark from anybody.
2. Their webs are easy to get into and hard to get out of.
3. They consider humanoid life to be lower than humans consider insects.

This expansion includes the Tholians (once overlords of the M81 galaxy) and their former Seltorian slaves (who followed the last surviving Tholians to the Milky Way to wipe them out). This expansion includes:

Rules for the web generator, web caster, web breaker, particle cannon, shield cracker, and snare.

Eleven scenarios including the Death Probe, a new monster

Two new hard-mounted full-color double-sided map panels (webs)

15 full-color laminated double-sided ship cards and a weapons reference card

40 one-inch Counters and 108 half-inch markers.

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