IT Monopoly

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Join the Losers' Club in MONOPOLY®. Experience the terrifying journey through a cursed Derry, Maine. Band together and conquer your fears. Pennywise will be waiting. But don't underestimate Bev, with her exclusive Collectible Token, you could find the key to victory.You'll float too.Ages 17+ | 2-7 Players


  • 7 Collectible Tokens: Balloon, Inhaler, Glasses, Bicycle, Eddie's Cast, Paper Boat, Bev's
  • Key (Game Stop exclusive)
  • Custom Designed Game Board featuring locations from Derry, Maine
  • Houses renamed Suburban Houses and Hotels renamed Apartment Buildings
  • Custom Community Chest (Encounter) and Chance (Phenomena) Cards
  • Custom Pennywise-themed money
  • Instructions
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