Code of Conduct

All participants and store-goers in The Adventure Begins and it's daughter store The Adventure Stadium (jointly referred to as "The Adventure Begins" for the rest of this document) are expected to adhere to any relevant Code of Conduct (CoC) for the type of event they are participating in (Play! Pokémon CoC, Wizards of the Coast CoC, Fantasy Flight Games CoC, etc.) and The Official Store Code of Conduct always.

If you wish to report a deviation from the Code of Conduct policies laid out below, please seek out a store employee. Store employees can be identified by their T-Shirts and/or Hoodies showcasing the logos of either The Adventure Begins, The Adventure Stadium, or the Joint Logo of The Adventure Begins and The Adventure Stadium on the Left Chest area of the front of their clothing and the upper back area of their clothing. If you wish to submit an anonymous complaint, please do so here.


The Adventure Begins Code of Conduct

The Adventure Begins is a safe space for all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or personal beliefs. The Adventure Begins acknowledges that people enjoy their hobbies in different ways, but insists that that enjoyment can never be at the expense of another player. Any violation of the safety of customers may result in removal from the store, limited ability to participate in store events, or other disciplinary actions.

The Adventure Begins' communities are made up of a diverse group of people from a diverse array of backgrounds. We celebrate and cherish this diversity as a strength of our store.

By visiting The Adventure Begins, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct:

  • Minors must be always be supervised and any attendee under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • You are solely responsible for your belongings.
  • Participants must not conduct themselves in a manner that is disruptive to the enjoyment or safety of others at the event.
  • Participants noticing disruptive behavior should make those responsible for the behavior aware of their actions.
  • If a participant feels uncomfortable bringing it to the attention of the disruptive individual, the participant should notify a Staff Member or Event Organizer immediately.
  • Participants who feel as though they are in an unsafe environment should notify a Staff Member or Event Organizer immediately.
  • No tolerance is given for theft or aggressive behavior. Theft and aggressive behavior are grounds for immediate removal from the play area and the premises.



Staff and Event Organizers may approach you should your behavior be seen as violating the Code of Conduct. Notable violations to the code of conduct include:

Disruptive Behavior

  • Lack of Personal Hygiene
  • Excessively vulgar or profane language
  • Throwing or breaking objects in anger
  • Leaving excessive trash in the play area
  • Talking over other players or customers excessively
  • Unreasonable demands of Staff attention
  • Talking on a phone excessively while checking out

Unsafe Behavior

  • Using racial, gender, or cultural slurs against another participant
  • Taking inappropriate photos of other participants
  • Harassing other participants
  • Using social media to bully other participants

Aggressive Behavior

  • Threatening to hit other participants
  • Tearing up another player’s character sheet
  • Pulling out another participant’s chair, causing the player to fall intentionally
  • Turning over a table


  • Stealing The Adventure Begins' property or items
  • Stealing another storegoer's property or items
  • Taking another storegoer's ite,s without asking permission
  • Intentionally misleading another storegoer in the value of items or goods for personal gain


  • Harassment includes, but is not limited to: Offensive comments and actions related to gender, expression, age, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race, disability, ethnicity, and religion. It also includes displaying sexual images, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography, disruption of events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, should you be uncertain about if a behavior violates the Code of Conduct, please approach a staff member with questions.



A Staff Member or Event Organizer who has Code of Conduct violations brought to his or her attention should resolve the manner quickly and professionally, with minimal disruption to the event if possible. The responses given here are guidelines, and if the situation calls for a more or less serious response to resolve a situation, the organizer is empowered to take appropriate action.

Disruptive behavior will receive a warning first offense. Upon being issued a second warning, a Staff Member or Event Organizer will remove the offender from the play area or retail area. The offender shall be removed from the store premises upon any subsequent offenses.

Unsafe behavior is more serious, and other storegoers have the right to notify a Staff Member or Event Organizer immediately. Should an Event Organizer be the party engaging in disruptive or unsafe behavior, a storegoer should immediately inform a Staff Member.

The Staff Member or Event Organizer will issue a warning for the first offense, and remove the offender from the play area or store premises upon any subsequent offenses. Theft and aggressive behavior are grounds for an immediate removal from the play area and/or premises and should always be brought to the Staff Member or Event Organizer’s attention immediately.


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