The Adventure Forge

The Adventure Forge is the Maker’s Space at The Adventure Begins which provides tools, materials, and machines for creative hobbyists and artists.

The Adventure Forge Hours:
Monday-Friday 2-8PM
Saturday 12-8PM
Sunday 12-6PM


The Adventure Forge hosts a monthly workshop to demonstrate the possible use of tools and machines, how to prepare ideas, and help create crafts and pieces of artwork for guests to take home that day! You can see what we’ve got prepared for this month, and sign-up in advance, on the Events Sign-up page.
Private Workshops to teach individuals or small groups are also available on request! The Adventure Forge can offer workshops on the basic functions and usage of all our machines and tools, including: 

  • Preparing Models and Understanding 3D Printing
  • Laser Engraving & Cutting on the Glowforge for Wood and Acrylic Projects
  • Papercrafts and Stickers in the Silhouette Cameo Pro

If there’s something you’d like to learn to make, reach out to [email protected] to start scheduling a private workshop, starting at $40.

On-Demand 3D-Printing

If you have a model you’d like to have printed on one of our 3D Printers, we offer On-Demand 3D Printing! The price of on-demand printing depends on the time it’ll take to print, and starts at $10.00 for the first hour (with 75 cents per hour added for any additional hours.) Our staff will let you know how much a file will cost to print before payment and printing. 
Keep in mind– all files must be evaluated by The Adventure Forge staff for adherence to store policies, viability for printing, and to prevent any direct copyright infringement. (We refuse the right to print something for any reason.)
On-Demand 3D Printing Request Forms are available in person, or through email.


Adventure Forge Subscriptions are $45 for a 3-month period, and give subscribers use of the space and direct + indirect use of the tools inside. The $45 sign-up includes a package of materials to use to make creations on the machines, and additional materials can be added as well. Subscribers also enjoy 3D-Printing Priority, and can ask our in-person staff for support and guidance at any time during the Forge’s open hours.
Our subscription is only available for adults (18+), and requires a Safety and Setting Expectations Tour, which is good for one year. This tour is available to be scheduled on request, or a walk-in tour is held every Saturday at 3pm!

Our Tools & Materials

  • Modular Button Press (28mm, 32mm, 37mm & 58mm Pin-Back Buttons)
  • 58mm Keychain-Making Supplies
  • Spiral + Velobind Book Binder & Spines
  • Airbrush, Airbrush Booth & Hobbyist Paints
  • 13” Wide Lamination Machine
  • Iron + Printable Heat Transfer Paper
  • Printable Sticker Paper + UV-Resistant Sticker Coating
  • Adhesive Backed Multicolor Vinyl
  • Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper
  • Straight Table-Top Hotwire Foam Cutter
  • Handheld Foam Cutter
  • General Art Supplies (Paints, Brushes, Scissors, Pencils & Etc…)

We also offer use of the following tools and machines indirectly- by creating designs and files provided to staff, who will handle the process of handling the machine for our guests.

  • Prusa SL1S + Washing/Curing Station (Resin 3D Printer)
  • Elegoo Saturn S (Resin 3D Printer)
  • Bambu P1P + P1S (Filament 3D Printers)
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Silhouette Cameo Pro (Cutting Machine)
  • GlowForge Pro (Laser Engraver / Cutter) + Wood, Rubber, and Acrylic Sheets for Laser
  • Office Printer 
  • Sublimation Printer