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1 Loyalty Program
1.1 How does the Loyalty program work?

After registering, you will earn 1 point for every 10 dollars you spend.  You may redeem your points via the web shop.  There are various rewards, such $5 off gaming/sports card product for 10 points.

1.2 Is there any way to save up my points to snag a big ticket item for free?

The goal of the Loyalty program is to give you an opportunity to discount items, but also for us to realize revenue on every transaction.  So, no, we're sorry.  We won't introduce a way for you to cash in a bunch of points to get something for free.

That said, we understand that it's harder to spend your points online than in the shop.  In the shop, we sell individual sports card packs, and that is generally how people use their points- purchasing a series of packs and taking $5 or $10 each transaction.

With that in mind, you can reach out to [email protected] if you want to convert your points into a discount code you can use to apply to a specific item you have your eye on, so we can discuss.  I won't be willing to lose money on such an arrangement, but breaking even is acceptable.  I want the Loyalty program to offer a solid value proposition, and strive to be reasonable with my customers.

2 General
2.1 How can I contact you?

You may submit a Ticket through the web shop software.  You may also email [email protected], or give us a call at 936.273.3223.

2.2 Where are you located?

We're in Conroe, Texas.  North of Houston by about 30 minutes.

3 Shipping
3.1 Where do you ship?

We ship domestically, to the lower 48 States.  We expect to add Alaska and Hawaii to the mix, as we gain more experience with shipping.

3.2 How do you ship?

We ship via UPS Ground or USPS.

3.3 What are your shipping costs?

On orders under $75, shipping is a flat $10.  Orders $75 and up ship for free.