Age of Sigmar Monthly Tournament

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Please join us at The Adventure Begins for our first of our new Age of Sigmar RTTs. This will be a 2k point, 3-4 round event capped at 16 players.

Purchase your ticket on the Adventure Begins Event page for the Tournament. Then register on The Best Coast Pairings entry
Ticket purchasers have priority over BCP waitlists.

Please submit your list to the Best Coast Pairings entry and bring 3 printed copies for your opponents.

$20 entry free. This all goes back into the prize pool for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Best-Painted. All entries becomes in-store credit.

*We Recommend an early lunch/Late Breakfast
11:00am - Doors Open , finally payment and registration.
11:30am - Round 1 Begins
2:00pm - Round 2 Begins
4:30pm - Lunch time. Several restaurants in close distance. Fast food 5 minute drive.
5:00pm - Round 3 Begins
7:30pm - Tournament end and prizing.

Battleplans to be announced at the event.

2 & 1/2 hour rounds; time remaining will be called throughout the round. If everyone is done in a round, the next one will be moved up in the schedule.

GAMES ARE SCORED WHEN THE ROUND ENDS. When 30 minutes remaining is called, please play to the end of the current battle round without starting the next one. Rounds past this are 0 points for both players. If the current round is still underway when time ends, Judges will coordinate finishing the current round in a timely manner.

Up to 25% of your army may be proxies so long as they are close enough in look and have the correct basing. This limit isn't specified as 25% of your physical army, or the points based, but rather the spirit of the law is intended to allow us to have awesome looking and unique armies. You may be asked to change your list if Judges determine your army isn't in accordance with this statute.

Painting is not required but heavily encouraged. We will have a period of voting by the community to determine the winner.


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