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Welcome to the Adventure Community Blog. I am your host, Samantha. Happy July Everyone!! I hope this month finds you in cool weather and even cooler games! 

This week we have some crazy events for you as well as some recurring events. First things first, let's get these events started! 

Tuesday July 19th from 6pm-9pm we are having a GRAPHIC NOVEL BOOK CLUB! We are here to discuss “Folklords” by Matt Kindt. We will also choose August’s new read! I am so excited to see what everyone thinks of it! 

July 25-29th from 11:30 am- 4:30 pm, we are having a Kid’s D&D Summer Camp! Bring your Young Adventurers to a week filled with Dungeons, Dragons, Wizards, Warriors, and more! The D&D Summer Camp will be a fice day camp broken up into two sections each day. There will be a morning activity followed by sessions of the Adventure Begins exclusive mini campaign. Participants will get to try out the following activities throughout the camp:

  • Making their own D&D Character
  • Painting a D&D Miniature
  • Practicing being a Dungeon Master
  • Fighting in a Gladiator Arena
  • And More!

All Sign-Up’s are in store. Sign ups will be open until the morning of the first day of camp.

We do have some staples that recur every week! You have a community waiting for you. Come one and all to the crazy week in and week out events. 


  • Adventure League JR. ( 1st & 3rd Sundays, please pre register online) 4pm -8pm
  • Adventure League ( 2nd & 4th Sundays, please pre register online) 4pm - 8pm
  • Magic the Gathering: Casual Meet up 1pm -4pm
  • Super Smashbros: ( 1st sunday of the month) 6pm - 10pm
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Tournaments every week 6pm- 10pm


  • Miniature Mondays: Every Week 4pm- 9pm
  • Art Meetup: Every Week 4pm- 8pm


  • Digimon Card Game: Tournaments and casual play 6pm-10pm Register Online
  • Graphic Novel Book Club for ages 16+. Starts at 5pm-8pm.


  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Every week 6pm - 10pm
  • Ladies Night: Casual Meetup (Every 3rd week) 5pm


  • Bring Your Own Board Game Night: Every Week (6pm-9pm)
  • Weiss Schwarz: Every week (6pm-10pm)
  • Flames of War/ Team Yankee: Casual Meetup Every Week (6pm-10pm)
  • DragonBall Super Card Game: Every week REGISTER ONLINE (7pm-10pm)


  • Atomic Mass Games: Crisis Protocol, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Legion: Every week (5pm)
  • Magic the Gathering: LIMITED TOURNAMENT- register & check dates online (6pm-10pm)


  • Warhammer 40k (11am- 8pm)
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar (11am -8pm)
  • Battletech (11am- 8pm)
  • Star Wars: Legion (11 am- 8pm)
  • Pokemon: Casual Meetup (12pm-4pm)
  • Pokemon: Build and Battle Tournaments- Every 3rd Saturday (12pm-4pm)
  • Magic the Gathering: Commanders- every week (5pm start)

There Are some amazing things going on. Don’t forget to check online at our website for any and all details. Check back next week for some more amazing events! Till, next week! 

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