Community Update: Lorcana Promotional Investigation


Thank you for your patience as we conducted an internal investigation and waited to hear back from Ravensburger. At this time, we have still not heard back from them so we’re moving forward in communicating our findings. We know this process has taken some time, so thank you for understanding as we waited alongside you.

Before we dive into the results of the investigation, we have some good news:

We are excited to announce that the top 2 winners of our previous sealed box tournament on April 27 will be receiving the promotional game mats now that the tournament has concluded.

While we did receive our playmats in the Stitch Promo shipment, a thorough investigation has led us to believe that the loss of our Stitch promotional cards was unfortunately a case of staff negligence.

From talking with our distributors and reviewing packaging information, all evidence suggests that the Stitch promotional cards were accidentally disposed of by non-TCG team employees due to ignorance of the packaging contents when the playmats were removed from the box. We reached this conclusion after reviewing days of video feeds and conducting in-depth interviews with all staff involved. While they were attempting to help with processing the shipment, the employees harmed our Lorcana community, and all staff involved are being held accountable and provided with additional training. From all the information available to us, our investigation returned no evidence to suggest that the Stitch promotional cards were stolen.

While we can't change the outcome of this situation, we've already changed how we handle promotional material to try to make sure this does not happen again.

Going forward, all trading card game promotional materials are exclusively handled by the General Manager as we never want to see another community impacted like this. 

Unfortunately, this is all of the information we have. We won't be releasing personal details of the employees, the total number of employees responsible, or the level of discipline they were given as that is a violation of their privacy.

However, we will be in touch and will relay any information made available to us with further updates if Ravensburger does end up getting back to us at a later date.

Please reach out to the shop ([email protected] or Facebook Messenger) if you have any additional questions outside of the persons involved.

Again, we apologize for the impact this had on our Lorcana community and our inability to provide a meaningful update until this point, we appreciate your patience, and will do our best to do right by you going forward.

Thank you for continuing to support the shop.


The Adventure Begins Staff
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