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Welcome to the Adventure Stadium Blog. I am your host Samantha. I know I have been absent, I have had some family issues and medical stuff come up but I am now back and full on with a vengeance!! 

This week in sports is going crazy. Women’s Soccer tournaments, PGA Worlds, and Drafts for Hockey all while we are getting ready for FOOTBALL SEASON!!

Did you know that the Adventure Stadium has a SINGLES section!?!? Not only do we do slabs, boxes, commissions, and memorabilia, but we now are selling SINGLES!! Come one and all up to the store as well as on our website! It is officially up TODAY!!

This past week in MLB, we are having all kinds of changes not only in rosters but in management as well. Many teams are going out with the old and in with the new to sort of new. Many managements are switching teams are retiring. MLB has been busy. 

In the NFL we have all kinds of news as trades are still going for new and old players. The one that stuck out to me the most this past week was the Baker Mayfield trade. Holy Moly Toledo!! What a trade for the Browns and the Panthers. 

NBA is no different this week with all of its trades and potential trades in the works. It has been crazy trying to keep up with all the news. 

We have a TRADE DAY coming your way!! Sunday, July 24th we have a trade day. Come and bring any and all of your cards. Pokemon, Magic, Sports? Show off your collection!

That’s all I have for now!! Don’t forget to come in and see what the new breaks, trade days, and other events we have going on! See you next week!

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