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Welcome to the Adventure Stadium Blog. I’m your host, Samantha. Did you know on average golf balls have 336 dimples? The dimples on a golf ball are designed to make it more aerodynamic, allowing it to travel further in the air. There are no official rules about how many dimples a golf ball can have and most feature between 300 and 500.

In sports this past week, we have had a lot going on. At the Ohio State Scarlet and Grey game, the halftime was a sweet tribute to the late Dwayne Haskins and his years there. His family is holding a memorial service April 22nd. 

The NFL has some amazing prospects for their draft this year. It is being held in Vegas and will be televised. Set your calendars for April 28-30. Will your favorite college player get picked? 

In baseball we had some amazing games. No dramatic upsets but over all, a great start to this years season. Our Astro’s were defeated, but that’s okay. We can still come back. 

In NASCAR the race at Bristol was a wild ride. What is normally a pavement track was turned into a slick dirt track. With a rain delay and a little confusion on the pitting rules the race over all was a blast to watch, from the comfort of my own home of course. 

In the store we have a lot of great new products and great incoming products. First we have a 2021-2022 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite Basketball Hobby. The first traditional set for the growing league, 2021-22 Topps Chrome OTE Overtime Elite Basketball highlights top NBA prospects on chromium stock. Covering up-and-coming hardcourt stars, 2021-22 Topps Chrome OTE Overtime Elite Basketball provides 100 cards in the base set. This includes a large Refractor rainbow with multiple Hobby-exclusive editions like the Orange Basketball Refractor (#/25) above.

2021-22 Topps Chrome OTE Base Refractor Parallels Breakdown

Refractor - 1:3 packs

RayWave Refractor - 1:4 packs (Blaster)

OTE Refractor - 1:18 packs (Hobby)

Purple Refractor - #/299

Purple/Pink OTE Refractor - #/299 (Hobby)

Aqua Refractor - #/199

Aqua/Green OTE Refractor - #/199 (Hobby)

Blue Refractor - #/99

Blue Wave Refractor - #/99

Green RayWave Refractor - #/75

Gold Refractor - #/50

Gold RayWave Refractor - #/50

Orange Refractor - #/25

Orange Basketball Refractor - #/25 (Hobby)

Black Refractor - #/10

Black/White OTE Refractor - #/10 (Hobby)

Red Refractor - #/5

Red RayWave Refractor - #/5

SuperFractor - 1/1

Printing Plates - 1/1

Another great product you should look at is the 2021-22 Toops UEFA Champions League Soccer Box. With 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Soccer, fans get their first flagship paper UCL release from Topps. The series is mostly geared to the base set, parallels and inserts. Up first, the base set for 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection offers 200 paper cards. This includes the Title Winners subset (5 cards), honoring Chelsea's big 2020-21 UCL win. Also new to the set is the official All-Star Rookie Cup Team designation initially made popular with MLB cards. The standout young players will carry the Rookie Cup logo. Collectors can find several foil parallels in the rainbow, including the exclusive Sparkle Foil in Value Blaster boxes. On top of that, the Hobby format has exclusive Starball Foil, Icy Blue Foil (#/99), Gold Starball Foil (#/50) and Icy Black Foil (#/10) editions.

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Base Parallels Breakdown

Sparkle Foil (1:2 Blaster packs)

Starball Foil (1:3 Hobby packs)

Aqua Foil - #/299

Yellow Foil - #/250

Neon Green Foil - #/199

Icy Blue Foil - #/99 (Hobby)

Silver Foil - #/75

Gold Starball Foil - #/50 (Hobby)

Orange Foil - #/25

Icy Black Foil - #/10

Red Foil - #/5

FoilFractor - 1/1

Printing Plates - 1/1

We also have some amazing BREAKS coming to you in April! The first one is on April 22th from 4-5:30 pm!! We are breaking Phoenix and Mosaic!! It’s gonna be so good!! I can’t wait to see all the beauties, Preston and Lou are going to see. 

Our second break this month is a Prizm and Mosaic Break. It is May 13th from 4-5:30 pm. I’m super excited for this one. I can’t wait to see all those beautiful cards!! 

Don’t forget to come in and get all your card, and memorabilia needs. We have a lot of breaks, trade days and it’s going to be glorious!! Til next week! 


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