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But, there are a lot of things to do with cards you don’t want or need, but can’t sell for whatever reason. One reason that cards can’t be sold is that they’re just too common that no one wants or needs them either. Another reason is that the card just isn’t worth all that much, and no one wants to spend the money on it, or they already have it. Finally, it might just not be a popular series or sport. Depending on the season and your geographical location, certain cards are just harder to sell. For example, ice hockey is not one of our best sellers here in Houston, while football is one of the top sellers. 

The standard solution is donating them. Many children’s hospitals and even YMCAs are looking for donations to give to children. Other options are local churches. This option may be easier because the church may know more about local charities and their needs than you. If you are looking to dump them and not do much work to get rid of them, several charitable organizations deal specifically with sports cards. Commons4Kids is an organization, not a 501c, that has worked tirelessly for a decade to donate cards to children all over the central and eastern states. As of this year, they have donated millions of cards and do not show any sign of slowing down. 

This option only works once a year, but you can package them up, or just give out singles, for Halloween, or use them as stocking stuffers! Results are not guaranteed, but it would be a way to cull your collection of excess cards. 

Finally, you could give them away to your local card shop on a trade night for kids, just getting into collecting, can start their collection off strong! 

The next option is to use them in an art project. Either commission or DIY it, and make a one-of-a-kind work of art! It could be functional or purely decorative. This is also an activity you could do with the whole family and bond over. TAS is taking this route for some of our cards; We’re commissioning a custom-made bartop table. The cards will be set in resin on the table’s surface! We can’t wait to have the piece in our store!


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