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The Adventure Forge- the Maker’s Space at The Adventure Begins that’s set to be open in Quarter 2 of 2022- has two different types of 3D printers!

If you’re not familiar with the ins-and-outs of 3D Printing, you might not know the difference between these two types of 3D Printers. My goal is to help you understand these differences, and why they might matter for your printed figures, props, and other objects you want to make in The Adventure Forge once it opens.

Printer 1: The Prusa (SLA Printer)

The Prusa SL1S Speed + CW1S, lovingly referred to by staff as “The Prusa” or “The Resin Printer” is a SLA 3D Printer. SLA means “stereolithography”- and refers to the process in which UV light is used to solidify liquid resin into plastic. 

The Prusa works by submerging a platform upside-down in a vat of liquid resin, shining a specific light on a single layer of liquid to solidify certain parts of it, before the platform moves up just the tiniest amount to work on the next layer. At the end of the process, The Prusa  will have created a 3D object out of plastic that is hanging upside down from the platform.

However, this 3D object is still sticky and might have bits of uncured (still liquid) resin. Thus, the Prusa’s companion is the CW1S- the Curing (C) and Washing (W) machine. The printed “sticky” object is washed and dried inside the CW1S, utilizing the chemical cleaning agent Isopropyl Alcohol. At the end of the cycle, the object is a solid, smooth and hard plastic. At this point, the plastic can be primed and painted.

Printer 2: The Modix (FFF Printer)

The Modix-Big 40, also known as “The Modix” or “The Big Printer” is an FFF 3D Printer. FFF stands for “fused filament fabrication”- and refers to the process in which a material is extruded (squeezed out) continuously from a spool by a moving print head, built up on a platform, and solidified into a total object. 

You might think of the process of FFF 3D Printing like a baker making decorative frosting flowers on a cake from a squeeze tube, squeezing and moving the entire tube at the right time and angle to create a specific shape. This style of 3D printing doesn’t require a washing cycle.

Another notable part of our Modix, in addition to a different style of 3D Printing, is that the Modix is gigantic. The “print area” (meaning, the largest object the printer can make) would be about 15 inches x 15 inches x 30 inches for the Modix! (The Prusa’s print area is about 5 inches x 3 inches x 6 inches.)

Which Printer?

When deciding which printer you’ll need, first consider the size of the object you’re looking to print. Anything larger than 5”x3”x6” will be impossible for the Prusa- it’s simply not big enough!

Next, consider the level of intricate detail you are looking to have. The SLA printing style of The Prusa can create more fine details, and has less chances for slight imperfections and flaws. Of course, the Modix is a capable printer with the ability to create beautifully crafted prints- but if you’re really looking for a flawless perfection in your detailed, tiny humanoid minifigure- you might lean toward the Prusa. 

Also keep in mind- The Adventure Forge staff will always be here to help you!!

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Austin Vanderwilt
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