Sports Cards and Stuff | The Adventure Stadium is Now Open!

The Adventure Stadium is Now Open!

The first daughter store under The Adventure umbrella, The Adventure Stadium, is now open! The soft opening of The Adventure Stadium is now in full swing, and the staff is welcoming guests and leading them upstairs to the new shop space. 

The sports and entertainment enthusiasts now have their own dedicated space, as the current sports card and memorabilia collection has moved upstairs. This area features a more extensive selection of sports cards, memorabilia, and more! For owner Bill Sheely, the separation between the nerdier side of the store and the sports side is essential. He values all aspects of his guests and recognizes the need for separate spaces. 

The new space is currently having the softest of soft openings. Although the furniture is placed and products are lining the shelves, the Stadium is incomplete and will continue to evolve and grow over the next couple of months. Items for guests to look for in the coming months are the Hank Aaron display case from Contour Functional Art (See “Sports Cards and Stuff | The Adventure Begins Expands- The Atmosphere of Baseball” for more information). In addition, a custom coffee table and a dedicated bar top table for breaking will feature sports cards set in resin! 

Other features that guests will enjoy are the streaming room, which features a green screen wall that allows guests to add their personalized backgrounds to videos, the lounge area that features a plush leather couch, and two large-screen televisions! 

Guests who visit the new store will be escorted up the new staircase, past the brand new maker’s space, the streaming room with a green screen wall, and into the brand new Adventure Stadium. The Stadium does have a private door through the lobby and access to more bathrooms. The lobby access is available to all Stadium guests. Guests may use either entrance as it suits them, but until November 20th, they will have to be escorted up the stairs since the Great Hall tournament area is still closed to the public. 

With so much effort put into the new store, The Adventure Stadium has a direct grading service with HGA Grading. As a result, guests can safely send their cards to be graded with a company they trust. In addition, we offer a selection of return times and label options so guests can have custom labels printed for their graded cards!

The whole Adventure family is excited about this new journey!


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