Sports Cards and Stuff | Tips for a Burgeoning Collection

 At the start of the Pandemic, people went to their attics, found their old collections, and rekindled the fire and passion for collecting. There are lots of reasons to get into collecting sports cards. Some people do it as a casual hobby, as a way to bond with parents or children, and some collect sports cards as a way of investing.

People don’t get into card collecting because they think the buy-in is too high for them. However, although there are indeed expensive boxes, packs are not as expensive as full boxes. So this is an excellent place to start for people who are just testing the waters and deciding if collecting is something they want to continue. 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

You don’t need to collect all the hottest sports or cards. You should stick to one or two sports that you enjoy reading about, watching, and collecting. For example, if you enjoy football, try collecting football at first. Upper Deck has some awesome boxes and packs at all kinds of price points if it’s hockey. You don’t want to be collecting every sport because you won’t enjoy it at that point. Another point to consider on that topic is that it would drive your collection budget up considerably if you collected all the sports. 

Don’t do it for the money. 

Don’t go into the hobby looking to hit it big with your first box because, statistically, it’s not going to happen. Yes, there are some trés cher cards out there, but there are WAY more cards that are worth only a couple of bucks, if that. Of course, people can and do make money buying and selling cards, but it’s hard work and not something for a newcomer to the hobby to consider at the start. 

Collecting as an investment

Card collectors have a lot in common with people who like to gamble. Buying cards can be a considerable risk and a significant investment. Sometimes, you’ll buy a box and barely break even if you decide to flip the box.  If you want to get into collecting as an investment, the best thing to do is look for rookies that have potential. This is because if they do prosper, the card’s value will go up. Cards from a rookie’s first season are always better than their hall of fame autographs. This means that the entry cost is higher because manufacturers also know this fact. 

Do it for yourself because you enjoy it!

The best tip for someone who wants to start collecting cards is that you have to enjoy what you’re doing. You can look at it as an investment, but then you’re doing it for the money and not the fun of it! If you do it for the money, it will become work so that it won’t be a hobby, and you’ll stop collecting. 

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