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Welcome to the Adventure Begins Game Blog. I am your host, Samantha. Today we are going to be going over a lot, so bare with me!! During World War II, the Nazis let Allied prisoners of war play board games. The British government was even allowed to send incarcerated soldiers a game or two. One of the games it sent was Monopoly. Instead of sending the game apparatus, the box contained tools for escape. The British government, with the cooperation of the game’s publisher (the Parker brothers), hid real bank notes among the Monopoly money. Compasses, metal files, and a folded silk map were also concealed to help the POWs flee their captors. It worked; the soldiers escaped.


We have some amazing new board games for you to come and check out. The first one is: Masters of the Universe: The Board Game. We do sell the base game in the story and the Box of power bundled. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE BOARD GAME- CLASH OF ETERNIA is a competitive one vs many or fully cooperative action-driven board game. Choose to play as the Heroic or Evil Warriors, use unique abilities on the battlefield, upgrade skills, and by the power of Greyskull, win the fight for Eternia! (


Our next board game is: The BInding of Isaac: Four Souls- Ultimate Collector’s Edition. This game includes Binding of Isaac: Flour Souls Requiem and Wrap Zone Stretch Goals Card pack. This Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem! 284- card Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem and the Rebalance cards so yo can add requiem to the copy of binding of Isaac you already own. (


The next board game is: The Binding of Isaac Four Souls: Kickstarter Expansion Pack.This has been such a talked about and so excited to see coming! An expansion like you have never seen before!  (

 If you are wondering about The Warrior of Krynn, you don’t have to worry anymore!  We zero in on this notion that Dragonlance is a war story,” said Ray Winninger, head of D&D at Wizards. “Classic Dragonlance is set against the backdrop of this massive conflict, and these sort of massive military battles are an important part of Dragonlance. One of the original 12 Dragonlance modules was a wargame Dragons of Glory. They asked you to stop your role-playing game experience and start playing a wargame for a bit.

“[It] allows you to play out sort of massive military battles in the world of Krynn. But one of the interesting things about that game is that it has a lot of narrative elements, just like a role-playing game.



Don’t forget we do offer board game night every 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 6-close. You should come out and test board games to your heart's desire!! Don’t forget to check in next week and see what events we have going on in MAY!!

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