Starting July 16 @ 1 AM the website began undergoing some major upgrades as we work towards leveling up the online experience.


The site is a little bit wacky at the moment, but if you're looking to purchase something online sales shouldn't be affected. If you do have any questions about the purchases or shipping information while we get things back up, please don't hesitate to reach out over Facebook or by calling us at the store.



Shipping is Available to All 50 States | Free Shipping on Orders $175 or More to the Lower 48 and $200 or More to Alaska & Hawaii | More Items Available in Store!

So when you see that empty header image or lorem ipsum text? No worries I too will be looking at that blank space and wacky Latin and wondering when AI will be able to automatically pull all my thoughts from my head so it takes less time to fix.


While I've put out all the major fires tonight, there will likely be a few page elements that we'll be working on throughout the week.


Thanks in advance for your patience and I'll definitely update you all again when it looks like the major changes get finished.


In the meantime, take it easy and I hope the rest of your weekend is a Critical Hit!

Find out the latest about updates on Facebook.

K Looney
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