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It’s BAD IDEA Comics time!

Remember the article about a new comic book company, BAD IDEA?  If not, find the article HERE. How they are doing comics a little different?  Well, they’re here!  BAD IDEA Eniac #1 is out, but unfortunately we have already sold out!  Our first buyer JESSIE got his copy and received his awesome gold pin!  A great way to ensure you get your copy of BAD IDEA comics and other cool issues is by signing up for Manage Comics HERE today.  You can sign up for a subscription and place special orders, too.

Bad Idea is already hard at work on many more comics lined up to be released in 2021.  A few titles include Tankers #1(of 3), Whalesville #1, The Lot #1 (of 4), and Slay Bells #1, along with one-shots and more to be announced!  So stay tuned to #BadIdea Comics and The Adventure Begins! For more information and updates. 

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