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Welcome to the Grand Adventure Blog. I am your host, Samantha. History of comics is full of good and bad. In 1946, Ayers Newspaper Directory reported that comic book sales in the United States had out sold traditional books. To concerned parents, libraries and educators, this gave the impression that comic books had become the primary literary form in America. As a way of intervention, fearful and outraged cities such as Chicago, Binghamton and New York began to form watchdog communities to incinerate comic books. Like the Salem’s witch hunt, comic books were gathered and ritually burned. This practice however, was eventually condemned as it promoted authoritarianism and was said to have had negative effects on children who tearfully watched as their beloved comic books burned in the fire.

Comics this week is many!! I have several to talk about this week. So, bare with me as I try to get through these quickly. Here come the COMICS!!! Also don’t forget to check out the Comic Lottery show on Tuesday’s at 5:30 pm, on Twitch at the THERNRNERD. 

First I have Lady Mechanika: The Monster of the Ministry of Hell #4. Mechanika begins to question: who was the true monster of the Ministry of Health? The shocking conclusion to the latest LADY MECHANIKA ministeries!

Secondly we have Nocterra #10. As the Sundog convoy draws nearer to the birthplace of Blacktop Bill, a terrible revelation arises that will redefine the world of NOCTERRA as we know it…

Thirdly we have Nottingham #7. Aboard a ship bound for France laden with King Richard’s ransom. The Sheriff of Nottingham funds himself in a race against time to root out a hidden killer. Maid Marian puts the first phase of her bloody plan into action. 

Lastly we have Wonder Woman #787. Spinning out of Trial of the Amazons…What lies in the treacherous waters surrounding the island of Themyscira? Wonder Woman takes a deep dive into her culture looing for answers to Altuum’s claims of living in paradise before the Amazons ever arrived at the request of the gods. Could the legends told in her childhood all be lies?

Chaz also has some amazing picks and comics to look for! Here are Chaz’s picks:

  • Action Comics: 2022 Annual - cvr B homage to Action #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #3 - “things you don’t know about Tombstone” origin story or possible new origin story
  • Astronaut Down #1 - Douglas won't be traveling through space; he'll be launched into alternate realities
  • Batman: 2022 Annual #1 “prepare yourself for the evolution of ClownHunter” & “new appearance of Grey Wolf” possible key
  • Closet #1 - young Jaime is seeing monsters in his closet
  • Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor #1
  • Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1
  • New Think #1 - Black Mirror-style anthology. Each of the five issues is a stand-alone tale with its own art team.
  • Shadow War: Omega #1 - Shadow War finale
  • Savage Avengers #2 - possible key “deadlier enemy sets his sights on Conan”
  • Star Wars #24 - Luke Skywalker action figure variant
  • Star Wars #24 - Lucas 50th Anniversary variant
  • Thor #26 - Banner vs Thor battle continues “our 2 rivals face shocking changes”

Its Manga Time!! I have been watching a lot of anime lately. What have y’all been watching? Rewatching? Have any good mangas?? I have one for you this week. 

I present to you Death Note Short Stories. Is Kira’s story truly over, or does his influence linger? In this complete collection of Death Note short stories penned by the series’ creators, discover tales of lives irrevocably changed by the sinister influence of the Death Note, with surprising and thrilling answers to the question of what it truly takes to use the Death Note…or fight it. Contains stories “C-Kira,” “a-Kira,” the Death Note pilot chapter, vignettes of L’s life, and more.

Did you know we also do COMIC GRADING?? We do!! Come and see Macayla on the first Friday of the month with your favorite, or just a great comic you want to get graded. We have had some amazing entries and even better grades. All grading is done by CBCS and EGS. 

Chaz and Dina are collecting comics and donations for comics for Kids and Troops. They have partnered with Comic Books for Kids/ Comic Books for Troops (, to donate comics for kids who are sick and to send out to our troops all over the world. Don’t have comics and don’t want to purchase any? That is fine, there is a donation box where you can donate. All donations are welcome. 

Be on the lookout for the next blog. We are having some fun and exciting things going on in the month of May. Don’t forget to come in if you have any questions about anything on the blog or if you just want to come by and say hello. Until next time!

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