Pre Release | Descent: Legends of The Dark Quest #2

Descent: Legends of The Dark! A New Board Game coming in August, Pre-Order your copy TODAY!

QUEST #2 is HERE!!

Unlock the exclusive goodies for the Descent coming-soon pre-order.
Here is your last Quest: which hero would you pick if playing?
1. Vaerix: The Dragon-Hubrid Outcast = Will
2. Syrus: The Human Prodigy = Insight
3. Brynn: The Human Avenger = Might
4. Galaden: The Elf Huntsman = Might and Agility
5. Kehli: The Dwarf Artificer = Will, Insight, and Might
6. Chance: The Hyrrinx Roge = Agility
Soon we will receive a “chest” full of gorgeous goodies for the pre-order!
Learn more about Descent: Legends of the Dark HERE!!

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Dina L. Sauser
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