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What is it?

One of the plethora of tools available in The Adventure Forge- the Maker's Space at The Adventure Begins that is set to open to our guests in Quarter 2 of 2022 – is the “We R’ Memory Keepers Button Press”, a modular button-making machine.

A “button” in this context refers to a pin-back button- something that is also occasionally referred to as a pin. Anything that can be printed on a piece of paper can be turned into a button to decorate or wear. The Button Machine in the Adventure Forge can make three different sizes of circular buttons, from a small 1” diameter, medium 1.5” diameter, up to a large 2.25” diameter.   It can also accurately cut the paper to optimal button-making size itself, without use of an additional tool! 

 This machine has a magnetic top and bottom, so you can switch out the color coded sets of tools. The white set is for cutting, the pink set is for small buttons, the cyan set is for medium buttons, and the dark aqua is for large buttons. All the necessary supplies for a button- besides the design paper itself- are kept in separate boxes with the modular pieces.

The best part of this button machine is the ease-of-use. Buttons are objects that are often made in bulk, so the streamlined process of the manual button machine is ideal! The two steps of the button-making process are clearly labeled “A” and “B” on all the pieces. The Adventure Forge staff can walk you through the process in a flash.

What can I make with it?

It may not be surprising to learn that our Button Machine can make buttons! These little pin-back buttons are a quick and simple way to display a message, or show of a favorite character or fandom. In fact, buttons are one of the most popular gifts you can buy at comic convention artist alleys- they are easy to make and low-cost and last longer and provide more mobility than a sticker!  Buttons have been used for campaigns and advertisements, as well- and also as the very inviting “flair” you might see on your restaurant wait staff.

You might have noticed if you came into The Adventure Begins during our Black Friday sale that some of our employees had buttons to display their nerdy expertise- such as in Miniature Games, or Trading Card Games. These buttons were, in-fact, made on our very own button machine! 

With a little creativity, button machines can create perfect gifts and personalized trinkets. You can also step up your button game by adding overlay film sheets to add “holographic” or “sparkly” effects to a piece of paper, and thus, to your final button. Everybody loves something that sparkles!

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